Tassels Bag Strap Shape Chain Pillbox Khaki Braided Round Shoulder 0qaaYd

Tassels Bag Strap Shape Chain Pillbox Khaki Braided Round Shoulder 0qaaYd

This purse has plenty of decorative items that can be used to open and close the zippers in the form of tassels attached to chain with gold accents between. Each tassel opens up to a mini compartment where you can easily store lipstick four pack of gum. The long handles these purses are made of the same leather that the purses are made from but each one is wrapped in gold chain for glamour and bling. A part of these purses have a quilted design which adds dimension and texture which is fun and fashionable for today’s active and socialite woman. Choose one of the four gray colors that will best suit your wardrobe and shoes.

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Shoulder Pillbox Bag Chain Khaki Strap Shape Round Tassels Braided
Shoulder Strap Round Pillbox Tassels Bag Khaki Chain Braided Shape Chain Braided Shape Strap Round Shoulder Khaki Tassels Pillbox Bag Chain Strap Khaki Pillbox Shoulder Bag Tassels Shape Round Braided
Round Pillbox Khaki Braided Tassels Shape Shoulder Strap Bag Chain
July 31, 2018

Reshaping an Industry: Paul Bandrowski and a “dream team” of local investors are betting big they can reshape home construction

The way most homes are built is archaic: Materials, ordered from hundreds of suppliers, arrive at one place for on-site assembly. Former tech exec Paul Bandrowski believes it’s a costly, time-consuming, mistake-laden process. “Why are we doing it this way? The construction industry is ripe for disruption,”...

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By Daniel Coyle Reviewed by Chris Wendel 304 pages; published by Bantam Books, January 2018. Hardcover $28; softcover $14.95; E-read edition $13.95; audio book version $14.95 In a nutshell: Virtual office places and technology have drastically changed the modern workplace. With this in mind, how do groups work best...

Chain Tassels Braided Bag Round Strap Shoulder Shape Khaki Pillbox By Chris Wendel
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When Ascom of Northern Michigan began offering professional communications services in 1983, Sony had just introduced its first CD player, Apple was a year away from launching its MacIntosh computer, and fiber optic cable was used for long distance digital audio transmissions for the first...

July 31, 2018

Goodbye, Gold Sportcoat: Century 21 gets a modern reboot

Brad Platt knows it won’t be easy, but he’s enthusiastic about the pending reboot and rebranding of the venerable Century 21 real estate franchise. “We’re excited about the revised look and feel,” said Platt, the owner/broker of Century 21 Northland and Century 21 Sleeping Bear. Platt said...

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The ivory tower has morphed into something beyond educating the young. For many colleges, it's all about the bottom line. "Colleges are not in the business of making money. Colleges are in the business of making huge money," said Matt Breimayer, the owner and founder of Right...


Shoulder Tassels Pillbox Round Chain Shape Strap Bag Braided Khaki Traverse City – northwest lower Michigan’s business and cultural capital – is at a defining moment in its history. Faced with skyrocketing home prices and swelling rents, we can sit back and watch as the housing issues escalate, or we can take action to create...

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A community’s economic and social well-being is invariably linked to the strength of its institutions. Some are new; some have been around for decades or longer. When it comes to attracting talent and investment, however, some stand out as particularly important and need to be...

By Doug Luciani
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Strap Tassels Shoulder Khaki Shape Bag Braided Pillbox Round Chain Over 33 years, Britten has evolved from simple banners to one of northern Michigan's biggest success stories. Having morphed from Britten Banners to Britten Studios, the company is now known as Britten, Inc., a multi-million dollar banner production, advertising and large-format printing company. Several proprietary innovations...

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Khaki Round Strap Shape Tassels Braided Shoulder Chain Pillbox Bag