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Black PINQPONQ Licorice amp; Rucksack bumbag Black xX6qw

As a photojournalist, telling the story is more important than your gear. In fact, you are notoriously hard on your gear because you use it every day — traveling around the world under difficult and even dangerous conditions. You need to be discreet so you can get the shot, all while protecting your gear from the rigors of travel. Think Tank began by addressing the needs of photojournalists and leads the industry in innovative carrying solutions for professional photography.

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    Shape Shifter® 15 V2.0

    We designed the Shape Shifter backpack to transform easily from transportation mode to shooting mode. The backpack can hold two gripped bodies, three lenses including the 70-200mm f/2.8 and a number of accessories. Once you’re on location, you can take out the cameras and lenses and put both on your shoulders. Then, compress the backpack so it’s smaller and slimmer, making it easier to navigate through crowds and tight situations. Lightly padded to minimize bulk, the Shape Shifter is great for traveling on planes, buses and other forms of transportation. And because its not padded, it doesn’t appear to be a traditional foam-padded camera backpack.

    Black bumbag amp; Black PINQPONQ Licorice Rucksack $ 259.75
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    Additional Features:

    • A great travel bag with extra space to fit a jacket, food, or additional gear
    • Tripod attachment on front of bag keeps tripod weight centered and allows you to access gear without detaching the tripod
    • Easily accessible, plush pocket fits smartphones with displays up to 5.5”
    • Roller handle pass-through sleeve to attach to rolling luggage
    • Detachable water bottle pouch
    • Pro Speed Belt or Thin Skin Belt (sold separately) can be attached
    • Contoured shoulder harness with air channel for all body types
    • YKK® RC-Fuse zippers with lockable sliders (lock not included)
    • Upper front pocket with organizer for accessories
    • Lower front pocket with zippered pocket for accessories
    • Removable waist belt
    • Shoulder harness pockets, D-Rings, and sternum strap
    • Seam-sealed rain cover included

    Black amp; Licorice Black Rucksack bumbag PINQPONQ What Fits:

    • 1 DSLR (gripped or un-gripped)
    • 3 lenses (detached)
    • 15” laptop
    • Up to a 12” or 13” tablet
    • Plus personal effects
    • Example 1: Canon 1Dx, 24–70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 16–35mm f/2.8, MacBook Pro 15, and iPad Pro
    • Example 2: Nikon D810, 24–70mm f/2.8, 70–200mm f/2.8, 16–35mm f/2.8, MacBook Pro 15, and Surface Pro 3


    HILFIGER HILFIGER Handbag Handbag TOMMY TOMMY HILFIGER White Handbag TOMMY White HILFIGER Handbag White TOMMY waqCXTX Exterior Dimensions when Expanded: 18.9” H x 12” W x 7” D” (48 x 30.5 x 18 cm)
    Exterior Dimensions When Compressed: 18.9” H x 12” W x 3” D (48 x 30.5 x 8 cm)
    Laptop Compartment Interior Dimensions: 16.8” H x 11.4” W x 1.5” D (42.7 x 29 x 4 cm)
    Tablet Compartment: 9.4” W x 12.2” H x 0.6” D (24 x 31 x 1.5 cm)
    Smartphone/Glasses Pocket: 6.7” W x 4.5” H x 1.6” D (17 x 11.5 x 2 cm)
    Weight (with all accessories): 4.3 lbs (2 kg)

    Airport Commuter™

    Photojournalists constantly travel on planes to get to their assignments. The Airport Commuter can hold a photojournalist’s essential gear and still fit into the overhead on even the smallest planes, such as a CRJ. A typical photojournalist setup is two camera bodies and the trifecta of lenses: 16-35mm f/2.8, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, a strobe and other accessories. The Airport Commuter is rectangular shaped and very compact, making it ideal for airline travel.

    $ 219.75
    Originals 2 Portable Black Portable Puma Black Puma Originals wIgxTvxq4

    Additional Features:

    • Contoured adjustable harness with lumbar support
    • Height adjustable sternum strap and elastic pockets on shoulder strap
    • Robust handles on three sides for easy over head lifting
    • Mesh interior pockets
    • Tripod/Monopod mounting system included
    • Seam-sealed rain cover included
    • Removable padded waist-belt allows for use of Thin Skin or Pro Speed Belt Camera Belts
    • Compatible with Camera Support Straps (sold separately)

    What Fits:

    • Gripped DSLR
    • 400mm f/2.8
    • 15” laptop
    • 10” tablet
    • Additional lenses and gear


    Internal Dimensions: 11.5” W x 16.3” H x 6.8” D (29.2 × 42.4 × 17.3cm) Exterior Dimensions: 12.5” W x 18.” H x 8.5” D (31.6 × 45.7 × 21.6cm) Laptop: 11” W x 16” H x 1.3” D (27 × 40 × 3.5cm) Weight: 3.5– 4.2lbs (1.5–1.9kg) Depending on accessories used

    Airport TakeOff™ V2.0

    Similar in size to our Airport International roller, the Airport TakeOff V2.0 is a little smaller but features backpack straps. When you’re shooting an event where there’s grass, gravel, rain, stairs or other rough terrain, simply put the TakeOff on your back and quickly put it down again when you reach smooth terrain. Backpacks are more mobile and faster than rollers — especially in crowded situations.

    $ 389.75
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    Additional Features:

    • Specially designed interior maximizes gear capacity for carry on yet still meets most U.S. domestic and international airline carry on requirements‡
    • Custom designed retractable handle with inset channel on aluminum tubing adds strength and durability
    • Dedicated, plush-lined pocket on the front flap for smartphone or sunglasses
    • Pocket for tripod mount or water bottle on side (Additional straps included for larger tripods)
    • Cable and combination lock included for securing the lockable zippers
    • YKK RC Fuse zippers, ballistic nylon, high-density velex and closed-cell PU foam are the highest quality materials in the industry
    • Top compartment cradles large camera bodies for a perfect fit
    • bumbag Black Rucksack BLAUER T H amp; BwqFC
    • Zippered organizer pocket on front of laptop compartment
    • Black bumbag PINQPONQ Black Rucksack Licorice amp; Interior zippered pockets for batteries, CF cards, filters and accessories
    • Custom-designed, high-performance, 80mm wheels with sealed ABEC grade 5 bearings for quiet rolling
    • Handbag FAY FAY Beige Handbag Beige Beige Beige FAY Handbag FAY Handbag Eqnwf8vI
    • User-replaceable retractable handle, wheels and feet
    • Extra tall wheel housings protect your bag from scrapes and scratches
    • Seam-sealed rain cover included
    • Grab handles on three sides for lifting bag into the overhead bin
    • Reinforced dividers support heavy gear and maintain strength over time
    • Business card holder on top for identification

    What Fits:

    • 2 DSLRs with lenses attached plus 2–4 additional lenses, 15” laptop* and a 10” tablet
    • Max Lens: 400mm f/2.8 attached (hood reversed)
    • 2 Gripped DSLRs with lenses detached plus 4–6 additional lenses, 15” laptop* and a 10” tablet
    *Artificial Intelligence V3.0 laptop sleeve is recommended and sold separately.


    Internal Dimensions:
    13” W x 18.5” H x 5.3– 6.8” D (33 x 47 x 13–17 cm)
    Exterior Dimensions:
    14” W x 21” H x 8” D (35.5 x 53 x 22 cm)
    Laptop Pocket:*
    Rucksack Black PINQPONQ amp; Licorice bumbag Black
    11.4” W x 16.3” H x 1.4” D (29 x 41.5 x 3.6 cm)
    amp; bumbag PINQPONQ Black Licorice Black Rucksack
    Tablet Pocket:
    9.8” W x 9.4” H x 0.8” D (25 x 24 x 2 cm)
    8.7–9.7 lbs. (3.9–4.4 kg) Depending on accessories used
    *Lightly padded pocket fits a laptop in a sleeve or slim case

    Handbag Colorful Hobo Retro Swivel Wine Brown Design Hooks Styled EqZpza

    Thin Skin Belt™ V3.0

    Many photojournalists prefer the flexibility of the common lens “trifecta”: 70–200mm f/2.8, 24–70mm f/2.8 and 16–35mm f/2.8. They also require mobility, so our Modular Component System is a good option as it offers versatility and comfort. The unpadded Thin Skin Belt is often a good choice because it is extremely compressible and packs easily for travel. Photojournalists appreciate the Skin Pouches because they fold flat against the body when not holding a lens. This enables the photojournalist to move through crowds more easily while still having all their primary gear at their fingertips.

    $ 31.75
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    Additional Features:

    • Compatible with Keep It Up strap and Pixel Racing Harness V3.0
    • Ability to Rotate or Lock components on a belt
    • Integrates with most Think Tank backpacks

    What Fits:


    Note: For the most accurate results, please measure your waist with a tape measure over your clothing.

    Small–Medium–Large Size: 27–42” (68–106 cm) based on actual waist measurement over clothing Weight: 0.38 lbs (0.17 kg)

    PINQPONQ Black Licorice Rucksack bumbag amp; Black

    Change Up™ V2.0

    The Change Up is designed to be worn on the front of the body and used as a lens changer for active shooting. The bag comes with a harness system that allows you to adjust the height of the bag vertically so you can keep wearing the bag in many different situations. It’s also ideal for extremely tight situations, like press conferences, where there’s no room for a camera bag on the side of your body — only the front. The Change Up is ideal for photojournalism as well as sports photography.

    $ 146.75
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    Additional Features:

    • Body conforming waist-belt with load adjustment strap
    • Camera Support Straps V2.0 compatible
    • One-handed zipper for quick access
    • “Grand” opening of easy access (wide mouth)
    • Compression straps to adjust fit for optimum comfort
    • Easily accessible front organizer pocket
    • Stretchable side mesh pockets for water bottle or flashes
    • Stretchable front pockets for lens caps and other small accessories
    • bumbag Black PINQPONQ Black Licorice amp; Rucksack Seam-sealed rain cover included

    What Fits:

    • Standard DSLR
    • 70–200 detached
    • 24–70 attached
    • Flash
    • Example: Nikon D810 with 24-70mm f/2.8 mounted, 70-200mm f/2.8 unmounted, and SB910


    Internal Dimensions: 11.2” W x 10” H x 5.8” D 
(28.4 × 25.4 × 14.7cm Exterior Dimensions: 11.5” W x 10.5” H x 6” D (29.2 × 26.7 × 15.2 cm)
 Weight: 1.5–2.2 lbs (0.7–1.0 kg) (Minimum weight = Bag with 2 hinged dividers ONLY)

    My 2nd Brain® 15

    All photojournalists carry a laptop that needs to be readily accessible, either in your bag or separately, so you can edit during or right after the event. The My 2nd Brain 15 is very compact, lightweight and designed specifically for 15” Apple laptops. Carrying your laptop in a separate case also helps navigate through airports more easily by reducing the weight of your roller.

    $ 99.75
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    Additional Features:

    • Easily accessible organizer for pens, business cards, keys or other personal items
    • Large rear pocket for documents or papers
    • Dual-cross buckle on shoulder strap enables you to attach bulky headphones, water bottle, baseball cap or sunglasses case
    • Removable shoulder strap with adjustable, non-slip pad
    • Women's Metal Bowed and Handle Handbag Black Leather TaqrwTZx

    What Fits:

    • 15” MacBook
    • iPad
    • iPhone 6+
    • Apple specific power supply
    • Apple specific cables
    • Headphones


    Exterior Dimensions: 10.2” W x 14.8” H x 2.6” D (26 x 37.5 x 6.5 cm) iPad Pocket: 8.3” W x 11" H x 0.8” D (21 x 28 x 2 cm) Laptop compartment: 9.8" W x 14.3" H x 1.4" D (25 x 36.3 x 3.5 cm) Weight: 1.5 lbs (0.7 kg) With all accessories
    bumbag amp; Licorice Black Black PINQPONQ Rucksack

Black PINQPONQ Licorice amp; Rucksack bumbag Black xX6qw Black PINQPONQ Licorice amp; Rucksack bumbag Black xX6qw Black PINQPONQ Licorice amp; Rucksack bumbag Black xX6qw
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Licorice amp; Rucksack Black Black bumbag PINQPONQ